today has been a rough day at work. my anxiety is kicking in and I can’t be happy. I’ve been good with my diet so far but I’m getting tired and still hungry.. journeys aren’t sometimes easy but it’ll be worth it..


Beachin’ - Jake Owen


Beachin’ - Jake Owen


it has not been easy since I last wrote a tumblr blog entry.. I fell in love again and it came crashing to an end.. but in ways it hasn’t.. hes still always there for everything.. we still talk.. it just wasn’t right timing.. timing is a bitch sometimes.. I’ve grown I’ve learned but still life is hard.. but today I am making a change.. this depression I’ve sunken into has been terrible.. many don’t understand how deep it has gotten but it’s time to pull it out and finally be happy.. it’s about me now.. I’ve pulled through before but this time its harder. I don’t have my sisters down the hall from me anymore to talk to I just have me now and it’ll be okay!

people sucks.. boys suck even worse.. the boy youre with sucks the most…

my hero <3 my dad. 11 years ago today (Taken with Instagram)

my hero <3 my dad. 11 years ago today (Taken with Instagram)

when you get an email from Laura Sweet with the subject line saying “I need to call you”…

you drop everything you are doing and email her back ASAP!

thats the mini heart attack I had today..



he’s such a derp<3

my favorite music video

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gross brokaw  (Taken with Instagram)

gross brokaw (Taken with Instagram)